Corporate Gift Baskets

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Corporate Gift Baskets

If you’re looking for that little extra something, then corporate gift baskets can say whatever you want them to. They’re just perfect for

  • performance or year-end awards
  • Christmas gifts
  • birthdays and anniversaries
  • staff incentive schemes
  • gifts for customers or other business contacts
  • long service awards

But what sort of things should be actually in your corporate gift basket? I remember as a child (yes, I do have long term memory, it’s what I had for dinner last night which is a bit vague) that my Dad used to send a Christmas gift hamper to his mother, basically a tin of ham and a fruit cake, with lots of other Christmas goodies all hiding among the straw, but these days corporate gift baskets can include almost anything. The only thing to hold you back is your own imagination.

Corporate Gift Baskets Online

There are some really great corporate gift basket online sites these days, and you can literally choose whatever you want to put into the basket. If it’s a gift for a customer, the chances are that you’ll want a few of them at, say, Christmas time (presuming that you have more than one customer!) so you might even get a bit of discount for a bulk order. You can also include cards and messages, without even having to lift a pen – sounds perfect.

What might you like to include in a corporate gift basket:

  • Booze – always goes down well, whether it’s wine, beer, whiskey or other spirits. You’ll generally need to include some sort of alcohol, it’s the first thing you look for when you receive your corporate gift basket
  • Food – we’re not back to the tin of ham and fruit cake, even though they’re always welcome, but some corporate gift baskets are actually themed on a specific food – cheese’s, chocolates, smoked salmon and other goodies. Fruit ones are nice too – encouraging healthy eating, five portions a day and all that – shows you care.
  • Celebration breakfasts – these are generally themed to a specific occasion, St Patricks Day maybe, for all of the Irish descendants out there, or maybe the Scots would prefer to celebrate Robbie Burns with a drop of whiskey and a tinned haggis (very rare animal, the haggis – have you ever seen one?)
  • Baby hampers – don’t get excited, I don’t mean for your customers, but if a valued employee is expecting the pitter patter of tiny feet quite soon (not buying a puppy) then a baby hamper would make a fantastic corporate gift basket
  • Teddies or toys – there are plenty of people around who are real suckers for a cuddly toy peaking out among the goodies – even grown ups.

Of course, nobody knows your customers and staff like you do, so you really can have a bit of fun on one of these online corporate gift basket websites hand picking individual items.

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